Number 1 – But do they care? 

Dusky’s ‘Cold Heart’ is literally the coldest. It’s a concise icy dance floor groove. It’s a catchy, grabby, ‘you know exactly wtf it is when you hear it’ vocal sample. If you don’t already know, well you going to learn today…

(sample @3.06)

The Vocal is one of the most heavily sampled sound bytes in house music & resonates with every head on the dance floor – it is often confused with the stonewall Classic : ‘Deep Inside’ By Hardrive, which actually samples ‘Beatuiful People’ By Barbara Tucker

Apologies for the music history lesson, & telling you who sampled who, but don’t say i don’t give you anything. I promise this article is only sampled by thoughts from Simon Mooney, & thats the end of the referencing for today (at least you have a few tracks to add to your playlist, thank me later for looking cool in front of your mates) with a driving undertone, ketty rising synths & bleeps that don’t stop. It’s a certified “BANG-OR”

If you aren’t kicking the pudding out of your living room at 2 mins 50 after all that build up, you can get in the bin for me. The tune is So Certified motherfuckin’ 100, that it didn’t just make the Beatport 100 – it hit number1. This record is bezerk. cash it on your pre night out playlist, doing bits while you see off the rest of your buckfast your pals kitchen, and norman is ‘arriving now’ in the uber – how bow dat?’

The question I want to ask is – is reaching number #1 in the beatport chart really a big ting in 2017? Maybe Dusky themselves don’t even think so – In their Resident Advisor Exchange interview (which is a good listen if you’re a producer or music journalist, other than that it’s a bit wet) The lads themselves said ‘Beatport… you can still find some good stuff on there, I mean there’s a lot of crap, but if you spend some time and sift through, you can still find bits & bobs’

And that’s how I feel… personally, I haven’t searched Beatport for music since I thought I was a DJ for 3 weeks in 2014 after going to sonar a few times, meeting Move D and assuring myself that I was ‘in the scene’. Truth be told i couldn’t mix a pot noodle.


Beatport for me feels like a producers forum, I could be wrong, if I am please tell me – but it’s feels like the sort of place that keyboard gangsters / ableton producers & laptop dj’s sit and wank in front of 5 nights a week with a cat on their lap, looking for gerd johnson remixes from 5 years ago. Who wants to be top of the geek league? There’s a Skepta Lyric from his album ‘Greatest Hits’ that goes  -‘I Don’t wan a be the forums’ best MC because the Forums’ best MC don’t make no P’z

This heavyweight vintage bar alludes to the hip hop forums on the internet that are ran by the beard strokers & crusty baggy jeans wearing super blazed white boys with dreads. I feel like beatpoort is our scenes version of that exact concept.

I’m quite blessed that i have friends who are genuinely talented Dj’s & producers, who do the looking for me, but where do you get your music? The charts these days mean f*ck all. The concept of buying physical music is another dissertation article that has been written a thousand times, streaming on apple & spottily is biased & not relevant to our music… Outside of being passed straight up fire backhanders, I tend to bang on a mix from a live show, and Shazam the sh*t out of every big beat I hear. (They always end up being Moodymann somehow). I think that is where the value is in 2017, either being shazamd in a recorded mix, or being shazamd live from the dancelfoor. I’ll never forget the summer of 2014, when everyone kept coming up to me and saying – ‘ You heard patrick’s tune is the most shazamd song in ibiza this year?’ at the time i thought – wtf are they on about? But really, that signalled the start of the future we live in today. That song was the infamous ‘Forget’ – which is now a global dance floor monster, and one of our own geordie lads is smashing the scene to little tiny pieces wherever he goes.

Shazaming something means, SH*T THE BED , this song is unreal! WTF is it?? I need it now… Isn’t that what all music is made for? Reaction? Feelings? Being in the moment?… I think it is, and think dusky would much rather have been the most shazamed in ibiza this year than be top of the bedroom dj’s chart. #JustSayin

P.S. isn’t shazam genuine wizardry? How the f*ck does it actually work & when does harry potter get his royalties for his work on this app? it was not created by regular humans. The only time is doesn’t work is when you’re trying to shazam a villalobos mix, & it’s all white labels. Probably because he’s cast a spell of his own on the records…

Dusky play alongside Ejeca, Mella Dee & Matty Robson b2b Jonny Burn at Concept10, Boiler Shop Friday 22nd September 2017. Tickets www.concept10.com

Written by Simon Mooney (29th August 2017)